Tickle your taste buds with a variety of hobs. Visit Mad Giant, a local brewery, housed in a converted warehouse, in the heart of midtown Johannesburg. Renowned for great food, music and most importantly, home brewed beer that’s filled with the essence of Mzansi. Join a tour of the brewery with a beer in your hand. Our next stop is the Soweto Brewing Company, a mere stone’s throw from the world-famous Vilakazi Street and home to a range of unique and distinctively crafted township beers. Join a fun-filled brewery tour and beer tasting at the Ubuntu Kraal, sampling truly Sowetan beer.


The Cullinan Diamond Mine is one of the biggest and most productive diamond-bearing kimberlite pipes in the world. It has produced some of the largest diamonds ever found. The largest diamond, the Cullinan, was chiselled into 98 individual diamonds including the Great and Lesser Stars of Africa, which are now set in the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. The tour starts with a 15-minute video before we are led into the high security premises of the mine where we are shown the workings and machinery of the mine. We then visit the enormous open cast mine, that are four times larger than the famous Kimberley ‘Big Hole’. After visiting the mine, we will have the opportunity to visit the Cullinan Diamond Mine market for an unforgettable diamond and jewellery shopping experience


Enjoy a walking tour through the heart of the Johannesburg city centre, also referred to as the city of gold. Walk past Chancellor House, from where Nelson Mandela & Oliver Tambo ran the first black legal practice in the country during the 1950’s. Visit Mad Giant, a renowned local craft brewery, to experience the tastes and craftmanship of the newly established craft beer industry. Then we’re off to the Johannesburg City Library that opened in 1935, designed by architect John Perry in an Italianate style and regarded as one of the most impressive buildings built in the city during the 1930’s. Walk past Luthuli House, the headquarters of the African National Congress, followed by the Johannesburg City Hall, an Edwardian building constructed in 1914, the Rissik Street Post Office, built in 1897 during the time of Paul Kruger, the Anglo American Corporation founded by Sir Ernest Oppenheimer in 1917 and Beyers Naude Square (formerly Market Square). Finally we continue to the Johannesburg Magistrate Court, scene of two car bomb explosions in 1987, during the ANC’s armed struggled against Apartheid. Our walk concludes at the clay sculpture of Walter and Albertina Sisulu, prominent activists during the Apartheid era. The sculpture depicts their love for each other and the South African nation.


Experience the birthplace of life, first-hand. The Cradle of Humankind is one of eight world heritage sites in South Africa boasting 13 excavation sites that’s recognised worldwide. The first Hominid Fossil was discovered in 1924. Visit the Maropeng (meaning “returning to the place of origin”) Museum and witness how we evolved into the people we are today, discover some of the animal species that became extinct in the last century and see how humans are busy destroying the earth in real-time. Our tour continues to the Sterkfontein Caves, one of the richest and most productive Palaeo-anthropological sites in the world that forms part of the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site. Amongst the most remarkable findings to have been made by numerous world famous scientists within the Cradle of Humankind is the famous Mrs. Ples, the first complete Australopithecus skull to be discovered and more recently, “Little Foot”, a 4.17 million-year-old almost complete ape-man skeleton that was discovered in the same caves.


Maboneng, meaning ‘Place of Light’, is a fully fledged thriving community that has become a centre of creative energy for Johannesburg’s urban artists. With a mix of art galleries, retail and studio space, the precinct draws the inner-city public, as well as a chic, art-going crowd. Enjoy a leisurely walking tour of the area, passing Mandela House and Mary Fitzgerald square, browsing around the arts and craft shops, sampling artisan food and produce.


Soweto is an urban area of the city of Johannesburg, bordering the city’s mining belt in the south. Its name, an English syllabic abbreviation for South Western Townships, refers to its origins as a Black township under South Africa’s Apartheid government. The population has historically been overwhelmingly black and some of the watershed events in the struggle against Apartheid occurred in this township. On this tour we will discover Soweto and the surrounding area, driving past a hostel in Diepkloof, the well known Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, Orlando Power Station, Mandela House Museum, Desmond Tutu’s House, the Hector Pieterson Memorial & Museum, a quick stop at a well known restaurant, a shebeen, the Regina Mundi Church, Maponya Shopping Mall, Kliptown, Walter Sisulu Freedom Square and Aldorado Park. Afterwards we will head towards the Apartheid Museum. Once there you will have the opportunity to discover the history of the Apartheid era on your own.


Travel to the malaria free Pilanesberg National Park, the fourth largest game reserve in South Africa and home to healthy populations of lion, leopard, buffalo and rhino. Enjoy a closed vehicle game drive, going in search of the Big Five, in diverse and arresting bushveld terrain, followed by an orientation tour of the famous Sun City Resort. Known as Africa’s Kingdom of pleasure, Sun City is not only a luxury casino and resort but also a flagship structure, with a combination of features unmatched anywhere in the world. Bordering this entertainment complex, you will find one of the world’s outstanding geological phenomena; a crater of a long extinct volcano, the result of eruptions some 1,200 million years ago and home to the Pilanesberg Game Reserve.


Join the freedom walk with your tour guide, dressed in costume and in character for a full day. Celebrate the local community’s success stories and be transported to a volatile Johannesburg filled with intrigue and drama, whilst learning about South Africa’s liberation. Highlights include Liliesleaf Farm; Hector Pieterson Memorial site; Vilikazi street Soweto, June 16 Memorial Acre; Walter Sisulu Freedom Square, a street market and Constitution Hill (if open).


Pretoria is informally known as ‘the Jacaranda City’, for its beautiful purple lined streets when the jacaranda trees are in full bloom. Take this opportunity to stand in front of the heart of the country overlooking a city built on passion and determination, where buildings are architecturally significant and a nation congregates around statues of past leaders. Highlights include Paul Kruger House, Church Square, Voortrekker Monument, Union Buildings and City Hall.


Discover the history of Johannesburg, the city of gold, and experience the vibrant neighbourhood life of Soweto. Visit Constitution Hill, the Constitutional Court and site of Johannesburg’s Old Fort Prison, Walter Sisulu Square – Kliptown Open Air Museum and the Hector Pieterson Memorial. View the iconic Soweto Towers and experience the buzzle of Vilikazi Street and an authentic street market.